Thursday, August 7, 2008

The One With The Monkey

Series 1...epoisode 10

Ross gets a monkey named marcel. Chandler stresses over not having a date for new years and decides to make a pact that no-one brings a date to their new years eve party. Phoebe comes across some noisy boys talking while playing her song at central perk, but she ends up dating one of them...david the scientist guy, they get into a real serious relationship until he gets a grant to go to minsk and ends up going. Everyone breaks the no date pact exept for poor old ross...Phoebe brings david, Joey bring sandy (some one he met while working as an elf at the store), Rachel brings Paolo, chandler breaks and decides to ask JANICE!! Monica brings her ex bf 'Fun bobby'. Ross just brings Marcel his monkey friend. But at midnight no-one ends up with a date to kiss so the pact worked out anyway!!

Phoebes song (when she's interupted by noisy boys)

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