Friday, October 31, 2008

The One Where The Monkey Gets Away

Series 1...Episode 19

Rachel find out about Barry and Mindy's Wedding. Ross finally decides he is going to ask Rachel out after she looks after his monkey Marcel all day. But before Ross gets to make his move....Rachel loses Marcel!!! Not knowing that Marcel is an illegal animal, Rachel calls animal control. The animal control lady turns out to be Louisa who went to high school with Rachel and Monica, unfortunately Louisa still holds a grudge against Rachel and does not cut them any slack. Louisa tries to shoot Marcel with a tranquilizer but hits phoebe instead.
While arguing, Rachel and Ross see a delivery of bananas, it turns out they are for mr. heckles. They find Marcel in heckles apartment. Confused Marcel runs into Louisa's cage. Rachel saves Marcel by threatening to sue Louisa for shooting phoebe.
Ross and Rachel sit down for some wine and just as Ross gets his chance...BARRY BURSTS THROUGH THE DOOR!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The One With The Poker

Series 1...Episode 2

Chander taunts joey about thinking the 3 was an 8 during a game of poker!
The girls decide they want to learn how to play...reluctantly the guys teach them the rules of poker! The girls dont do so well and demand a rematch! Monica gets in her Aunt Iris to help teach them some poker tricks! Monica lets her competetive side show! Rachel gets tired of waitressing and gets herself an interview at Saks fifth avenue! later in the middle of a poker game she gets told she doesnt get the job! shes so depressed she bets a lot of money! Ross lets her win so he can see her happy!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The One With The 2 Parts (Part 2)

Series 1...Episode 17

At the end off the last episode we saw Phoebe going to Joey's to talk to him about Ursula, but when she knocked at his door, guess who answered...URSULA!!!
Joey continues to date Ursula which causes problems for his friendship with phoebe. Ursula ends up avoiding joey, Phoebe pretends to be ursula so she can let him down easily. Ross has a dream in wich he throws his son across the football field, this makes him wonder if he will be a good father, he is comforted by his own father. Monica takes Rachel to the hospital after she fell off the balcony, rachel doesnt have insurance so she switches identities with Monica, but their plan is stuffed when two cute doctors ask them out. They end up arguing (while still pretending to be each other) in front of their dates. Marcel chokes on a scrabel tile & Ugly naked guy gets a hoola-hoop.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The One With The Two Parts (Part 1)

Series 1...Episode 16

Ross relizes he is going to be a father; he attends lamaz class with Suzan and Carol, carol freaks out about giving birth. Chandler cant bare to fire an attractive work colleague, so instead he dates her and tells everyone else she cant be fired because she has a mental condition...but trouble arrises when she finds out what hes been saying. Rachel gets around to taking down the christmas lights but she falls off the balcony and ends up hanging upside down outside mr heckles. Marcel switches monicas tv into spanish mode and the FRIENDS cant fix it. Chandler and Joey meet Ursula (Phoebes twin.) Joey starts dating ursula, but phoebes not happy, she goes to tell him how she feels but.........