Friday, August 1, 2008

The One Where Underdog Gets Away

Series 1...episode 9

Ross see's susan reading to his unborn child and decided to get some belly time too; but when he tries to talk to it he has some trouble. Joey models for a health poster, hoping to be an athsma guy or something but he later finds out he is the poster boy for VD!! Ross and monica plan their own thanksgiving dinner because their parents went away. Pheobe joins them because her grandmas boyfriend is luner and celebrates thanks giving in december. Joey joins them because his intire family think he has vd. Chandler joins despite wanting to boycut all the thanks giving holidays. Rachel plans to go skiing with her family. Monica makes three types of potatos. The underdog balloon gets away and they all go to the roof but are locked out of the apartment. Thanx giving is ruined and the 'Friends' end up eating sandwiches and funyuns for dinner. Ugly naked guys has thanks giving with ugly naked gal!!!!

(Soz there was no video of Underdog gets away but heres a photo of when joey relizes hes VD boy)

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