Sunday, October 12, 2008

The One With The 2 Parts (Part 2)

Series 1...Episode 17

At the end off the last episode we saw Phoebe going to Joey's to talk to him about Ursula, but when she knocked at his door, guess who answered...URSULA!!!
Joey continues to date Ursula which causes problems for his friendship with phoebe. Ursula ends up avoiding joey, Phoebe pretends to be ursula so she can let him down easily. Ross has a dream in wich he throws his son across the football field, this makes him wonder if he will be a good father, he is comforted by his own father. Monica takes Rachel to the hospital after she fell off the balcony, rachel doesnt have insurance so she switches identities with Monica, but their plan is stuffed when two cute doctors ask them out. They end up arguing (while still pretending to be each other) in front of their dates. Marcel chokes on a scrabel tile & Ugly naked guy gets a hoola-hoop.

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